• Heaven comes in the shape of a pie!

    Our fillings are full of flavour, crafted from beautiful, locally sourced ingredients and lovingly cooked for unbeatable tenderness.

    Salmon and asparagus
  • Our new Pub!

    We recently moved to the beautiful Marlstone Tavern in Milton. The pub is a 16th century tavern, and like our pies it’s packed with character and a delight to the eyes.

    Pub at night
  • It’s all about the base

    We’re fighting back against shortcrust shortcomings. Our freshly baked pies are proper, traditional pot pies – with a lid and a base.

    Treacle tart
  • The perfect pint

    Every pie deserves the perfect pint. Sample our beautiful ales from carefully selected brewers – or enjoy wine from our historic cellar.

    Bar pumps
  • Our ever-changing menu

    At The Marlstone Tavern, everything on the menu is freshly homemade, baked to order and cooked with locally sourced ingredients.

    Menu boards

Welcome to The Marlstone Tavern

Also known as The Pie Pub

At The Marlstone Tavern, known locally as ‘The Pie Pub’, it’s fair to say we’ve got a passion for pastry. We’re always baking up tasty, new pie creations – that’s why the pie menu is changing all the time.

Pubs don’t come much older than The Marlstone Tavern – it’s been around since the late 1500’s when Elizabeth 1 was on the throne. Over the years it has had many alterations providing a unique and characterful venue for you to visit.

In many ways the tavern is just like the pies we strive to perfect, it’s packed full of character and very generous in size, what’s not to like.

We are not just a dining destination, The Marlstone Tavern is a popular watering hole too. Our real ales are chosen for their taste as are our fabulous range of wines.

From 19:30 the tavern becomes an adult only destination. We respectfully ask that young children and babies are off the premises as promptly as is possible after this time.


We run a pretty relaxed establishment and have very few rules, however there is one that there are no exceptions to.  Although we do take bookings for lunch service…WE DO NOT TAKE BOOKINGS FOR THE EVENING SERVICE.  This one is set in stone, so please do not call to try and change our mind.

Just turn up and we’ll accommodate you as quickly as we can, or let you know how long we think it will be. The new venue has lots of space, even more pies and we can always cope with demand. Pies are made daily so you are always going to get a fresh, tasty pie-tastic experience.

Lunch times can book up a couple of weeks in advance so if you are wanting to book a table with us for lunch please give yourself plenty of time in advance to avoid disappointment.

Check out our FAQ page to learn more about the pub, our pies, puddings and portion sizes.

Puff pastry pies



It’s hard for us not to be passionate about our pies, after all, we have spent the best part of twenty years perfecting our version of pie heaven.

Menu boards

Check out the


Our pie menu changes every day because we love to create different flavour combinations, we have our favourites, but variety is the spice of life.

Bar pumps

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It would be remiss of us not to deliver the perfect drink to accompany our pies. Our cellar is Cask Marque accredited, our wines world renown.

Treacle tarts

Get the latest


Keep up to date with what’s fresh, hot and damn tasty at The Marlstone Tavern. News that is always welcome and pie-inspired.

Bread pudding

Visit the


The best way to sample our passion for pie is to visit us. Until you do, why not get a taster of what is in store by viewing the gallery.


View our


You may have guessed we run a quirky pub. Our FAQ page explains the rhyme and reason behind the way we run The Pie Pub.

Dining area



If you have questions that our FAQ page fails to acknowledge, then get in touch with us and we will do our best to answer you.

Outside of the pub



The new venue for The Pie Pub is at The Marlstone Tavern.  It’s just a few miles from the original and has its own car park.

Salmon and asparagus



We make an awful LOT of pies, no joke. Every year, tens of thousands of pies are lovingly made. This year’s total currently stands at…


Preparing for your visit

Make sure you are hungry

When we say, make sure you are hungry, we are not joking. Pie is a filling dish and we are very, very generous. Add to the equation a range of delicious fillings and you have a pie lovers idea of heaven. So it would be a shame, not to have the room, to fit in every mouthful of our wonderful pies. To get an idea of the treat, you are about to receive have a look at our pie menu.

You can always contact us to find out anything we may have forgotten to tell you. But the chances are our comprehensive FAQ section will have the answers you need.

Our recent acquisition of the newly named Marlstone Tavern, means we have increased our seating capacity. There’s no need to book, in fact we don’t take bookings for the evening session. Just turn up to Milton Village and be ready for more than just a slice of pie.

Sometimes though, you really need to see what we say. So why not take a peek at the gallery, packed full of pictures of pie, pudding and the fabulous venue we call home. We hope you’ll feel just as welcome as we do.